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Rubbermaid Microwave Heatables

This rubbermaid microwave heatables divided plates set is a great way to get 3 different types of microwaves for your cookware. The sets come with our perfect cookware and divided plates. The heatables are made of metal and the plates are made of plastic so you can add any amount of heat that you need. Theureen is removable and easy to clean so you can keep your cookware looking new.

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This is a 2-pack of rubbermaid 0061 microwave heatables cookware with lids. The lot is of various sizes and colors with almond in the color options. The microwaves have light up and have gone through a few different colors over the years. They all work and heat up quickly. The lids have been locked in place with magnets so you can keep track of where it's going. The dishes are easily cleanable with a senegal-based cleaning company.
this is a divided plates set of 2 rubbermaid microwave heatables microwaves. The set contains 2 sets of 2 rubbermaid microwave heatables divided plates. These plates are perfect for cooking on. The plates are made of heavy weight plastic and have ridges on top to prevent sticking and the cups are made of removable stems.
this is a vintage rubbermaid heatables microwave. The dishwashersafe lid is divided into two parts and there is a heatable plate in the middle. The parts are $5 each.