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Rubbermaid Microwaveable Containers

This is a great deal on rubbermaid microwaveable containers. You can get these containers for just $6. 99 each. That's $3. 50 per container. They are 50 pieces ofriel pieces and they are microwaving ready. They come with easy find food plastic storage containers set. They are set with snapon lids to make it easy for people to take them with them.

Free Shipping Rubbermaid Microwaveable Containers

This is a microwaves forrubbermaid microwaves. This set comes with a yogurt container, a dish or dishcloth, and a mug. The bowl and spoon are also included. The microwaves can be placed in the refrigerator or dishwasher safe and have different uses such as for food storage, dishwasher and refrigerator use.
this is a pressurized container that microwaves well. They come in 42-piece set and each can hold food or storage. It comes with a keyable lock easy find lid. The food or storage can be accessed from the outside with a key. This container is great for latest in food storage.
these easy find glass food storage containers microwaves are a great way to keep your food cold or hot. The 8 cup variety is perfect for your race tracks, bars, or kitchens. The racer red color is perfect for your fashionable kitchen. These containers are easy to clean and are perfect for any cooking activity.